Alchemic Hemp Balm

Our balm is produced using the same holistic techniques as our ancestors, completely free from synthetic compounds and parabens.

The unique blend of natural ingredients, Organic Coconut Oil; Organic Calendula Oil; Organic Candelia Wax; Organic Hemp Extract; Organic Lavender Essential Oil; Organic Vitamin E Extract (Antioxidant), work in perfect harmony to provide effective results on all skin types. Not only does it smell lovely but is also extremely smooth in its application.

The key ingredient, hemp extract, is produced using ancient alchemic methods in a state of the art Soxhlet extractor. Organic alcohol is circulated through the plant to extract the cannabinoids, then an additional process of calcination to extract the mineral salts from the body of the plant to create a true full spectrum extract where no part of the plant is wasted.


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