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Our coconut & soy wax candles are lovingly hand poured by us at our artisan studio in Devon. The wax is vegan friendly & responsibly sourced. We use only the finest ingredients, cotton or wooden crackle wicks to compliment specific scents, to really add to the magick.

All our candles are a fantastic 270g of wax, which will provide 45+hrs of burn time and comes in a beautiful tin that is recyclable, a total 310g.

Our stunning and magickal range of candles will freshen up any room and awaken your senses. They make the perfect gift for insightful souls. 

Please ensure you use the candles in a responsible manner, do not place on surfaces that can burn or melt, keeping away from flammable materials. Keep away from children & pets. When the candles are lit, as like us humans, we can't assume that every animal will be ok with the scents, so please monitor them to ensure no adverse affects.  Bright blessings.

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