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Animals and CBD

Can I give CBD to my pets?

Although currently there is not a lot of research on CBD's effect on pets, but researchers, vets and animal care givers generally agree that CBD is perfectly safe for animals. Care should be taken on dosage initially.

How can CBD help my pet?

The most popular uses are to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain and inflammation, and control seizures. Also to keep your pets in peak condition with a regular diet supplement of CBD. CBD can succesfully treat the following in animals: Pain & Inflammation Arthritis & Joint Mobility Circulatory & Heart Conditions Anxiety & Behaviour Issues Seizure Conditions (such as Epiliepsy) Cancer Growth


What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Cannabis?

In contrast to in the past, where the UK government never used to differentiate between the cannabis plant and some of the compounds that can be taken from it (deeming it all to be illegal), they now have taken the step to legalize certain aspects within the plant. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the components of cannabis and is the part which, according to research can have a number of health benefits for its users. The change in the law in 2017 now means that oil made from CBD can now be sold legally in the UK as long as it conforms to certain rules. Another component of cannabis is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the part that is psychoactive and gives you a ‘high’. This is also the part that is illegal if it’s level is over 0.2% concentration. So, if you have a cannabis-derived product – such as CBD oil, with a THC concentration of under 0.2%, you’re all legal. It is important, however, to not get mixed up between CBD oil and cannabis oil. CBD oil made from a strain of hemp which has been modified over time to have very low levels of THC and other components, making it legal in the UK. Cannabis oil, however, is made from a concentration of all of the components of the cannabis plant, which means not only that it is likely to have higher THC levels, but also other cannabinoids which can also have an effect on consumers – identified as the ‘entourage effect’. Cannabinoids are the chemicals which are produced by a cannabis plant – such as CBD and THC. As cannabis oil generally has higher levels of THC, it has been named as a ‘controlled substance’ in the UK and therefore not easy to buy or sell legally. Info from:

How Is CBD Different from THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol are two of the majorly found cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa, a marijuana plant. Both of these cannabinoids have different effects on different cannabinoids receptors of the body. For understanding the underlying difference between CBD and THC, you need to first understand the structure of THC. The feeling of ‘high’ that you get after consuming marijuana is due to THC. It is the main psychoactive component of Cannabis Sativa. The compound shows its psychoactive effects by exhibiting the effects of anandamide. It is a type of neurotransmitter that is naturally produced by the human body and helps in regulating bodily functions such as sleeping and eating. Some of the effects of THC on the human body are relaxation, reduced aggression, improved hunger, fatigue and altered senses of smell, sight, and hearing. CBD Vs THC – Differences Both THC and CBD have different therapeutic effects on human body. The major differences between the two are: 1. THC is Psychoactive Whereas CBD is not: Often people confuse CBD with THC in the terms of latter’s psychoactive effects on human body. The truth is that THC is a psychoactive compound and is responsible for the feeling of lightness and euphoria that you feel after consuming marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive substance which can lead you to the effects of ‘high’. In fact, CBD is known to suppress the psychoactive effects of THC. 2. THC is the major compound in Marijuana while CBD is majorly found in Hemp: Hemp and Marijuana are two different species of cannabis plant. THC and CBD are found in both hemp plant and marijuana but in different concentrations. THC is found in abundance in marijuana. This is the reason why it is cultivated. Hemp, on the other hand, has a higher concentration of CBD while the concentration of THC in hemp is minimal (as low as 0.3%). 3. CBD Is Legal Under UK Law While THC Is Not: In the United Kingdom, THC is prohibited under the Controlled Substances Act and is considered as a controlled substance, therefore, it is prohibited. However, CBD is not listed under the Controlled Substances Act since it is not derived from Marijuana and is not considered as illegal. You need to understand that THC extracted from Marijuana is illegal whereas CBD oil that is extracted from Hemp plant is considered legal under federal laws. You can legally access hemp derived CBD in the United Kingdom. 4. THC Activates Cannabinoid Receptors While CBD Does Not: As we have already told you, Cannabinoids including CBD and THC interact with endocannabinoid system through CB1 and CB2 receptors. The endocannabinoid plays a major role in maintaining a balance between different functions of the body such as pain, mood, appetite, and sleep. THC activates cannabinoid receptors whereas CBD acts as an antagonist of CB1 and CB2 receptors and blocks them. This also leads to suppressed effects of THC on receptors. Usage of both in a balanced manner can effectively increase the functionality of the endocannabinoid system and promotes healthy working of the body. Info:

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural substance obtained from hemp plants that can promote wellness without any psychoactive or intoxicating effects. It is an active compound known as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are the molecules which give the cannabis plant its medical and recreational properties. CBD is used more for its health purposes.

Will CBD Help....?

What is the best product for arthritis and fibromyalgia?

Both the topical balm and the ingested oil (drops) have been reported to help arthritis and fibromyalgia. All people are different, however, and all conditions are different, and CBD is highly experimental at this time in history. If one decides to try CBD topicals, we recommend applying the balm three times a day for three days, and then adjusting dosage, usually, downward. At the beginning, you want to blast the system a little with the CBD to make up for the deficiency of this compound in the body. If there is severe and chronic pain, we advise people to also ingest the drops three times a day for the first three days, and then adjust according to the results seen. One must listen to their body. Pay attention to the clues. The body will say if it is helping or not.

Do you have any medicines that can help with breathing?

We are not doctors and we are not allowed to give medical advice. However, we believe that CBD puts the body into alignment to heal itself, thus, it works for many conditions. We recommend that for specific information, you check out Or put ‘CBD and breathing problems’ into any search engine to begin reading about what the doctors say. It is highly experimental at this time, but we are encouraging people to embrace that journey and report their findings. If you try our CBD products and you get no relief, you just have to let us know (email, and we will process a full refund. Be experimental with dosages, and don’t be afraid to take more, because it is harmless and healthful.

Do you have any products for skin conditions? Psoriasis, eczema?

Although our topical balm has been reported to heal many skin conditions, we are very reluctant to recommend a topical, because we know that the skin must have air to breath and heal, and the oils block the pores. Having said that, however, if it is applied sparingly, and withdrawn immediately if it irritates, some people have had success with it. We cannot give medical advice, but at our clients take CBD drops (ingested) for skin conditions, because they believe that most skin conditions originate from stomach lining issues.

Will CBD help my..... (Insert Condition)??

Although 5 Wytches are collecting testimonials from customers confirming that our products are helping a wide range of conditions, this is experimental, and very individual. You may find more assistance at as one resource to review certain conditions and relevant trials or feedback. We are also continuously researching conditions so please do reach out if you would like to discuss more specifics.

Product questions

Are your products lab tested?

Yes, all products are 3rd party lab tested in the UK. Results available if required.

What does the Balm do?

Our multi-purpose topical CBD balm can help to alleviate muscle and joint pain, but we have testimonials from people who use it to ward off migraines, who have used it for toothaches, earaches, diaper rash. It is very experimental. All our ingredients are food grade. Be experimental. Listen to your body

What Effect Does CBD Oil Have on Your Body?

Like other cannabinoids, CBD interacts with your body via your body’s endocannabinoid system which acts as a bridge between different receptors running from the brain to different parts of your body for the transportation of signals. Endocannabinoids are present in all mammalian species that helps in maintaining the health of the body by activating receptors that lead to conditions such as appetite, memory, mood, pain, emotions, immune response, temperature etc. The amount of CBD can have an effect on your receptors which can alter your bodily functions such as breathing, memorising, sleeping, feeling of pain, etc. Cannabinoids such as CBD that is derived from plants and is commonly found in marijuana and hemp can replicate many biological actions performed by endocannabinoids that are synthesized by the human body. Much like endocannabinoids, CBD oil affects cannabinoid receptors to keep your body and its function in a state of equilibrium or homeostasis. Our endocannabinoids system consists of two main receptors that are found in the brain, immune system, and central nervous system. These two receptors are Cannabinoid 1 (CB1) and Cannabinoid 2 (CB2). While CB1 is found in the brain and central nervous system, CB2 is found in the immune system and spleen. Each cannabinoid receptor acts differently under the influence of different cannabinoids. Polypharmacological properties of CBD makes it highly useful in different medical conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, depression, ADHD, diabetes, cancer, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain and other pediatric cases. Info:


Are there any alternatives to ordering online?

Yes, we can take directly via Bank Transfer if you call during office hours (UK Time), Tel:07493 518 625, we can help you.

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