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5 Wytches
Candles & Gifts

Handmade Candles, real flower or crystal Jewellery & resin craft gift ideas.


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Merry Meet friends!

5 Wytches are a small friendly family run business from our shop in beautiful Devon, UK. 

Everything is hand poured or hand made by us to ensure a personal touch.

The inspiration for our name comes from the 4 elements (earth, air, water, fire) + Spirit .

We honour the women and men of old who were persecuted for using plants in every day ways, using alchemy for their potions and lotions to heal and sooth, and perceived as being different (Wytches).

We love working surrounded by wonderful healing & calming crystals, and with the earth & moon energies. All we do supports our belief in the physical and spiritual world around us.

5 Wytches belong to the British Candle Makers Federation to keep on top of regulations

and ensure we meet the relevant standards to make the best candles we can.

If you are in the Torbay area of Devon, we would love to see you in person....49 Abbey Rd, Torquay.

Hand-made brooms at Shaker Village, Kent

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