This beautiful Coconut & Soy blend, hand poured candle has been made to support Love4Dogs Rescue based here in the UK whom help Romanian doggies find new lives in loving homes. 50% of the profit from each candle goes directly to the Rescue. 


The rescue works to find foster carers and adopters in the UK for dogs that are rescued from life on the streets or in pounds or open shelters in Romania. They have a facebook page Love4dogs if you would like to follow their work or get involved.


Our beautiful Luna is one of Love4Dogs Rescue and she was brought over from Romania after being in an open shelter for 2years due to no-one wanting her because she is largely black in colour. She had to learn how be a dog indoors (although she has never messed indoors), which meant understanding appliances in the home, how to use a door properly, how to drink out of a water bowl, getting over her nervousness of all things inside or outside, plus learning a new language. She has come a long way in  a few months and is doing beautifully, so it goes to show that with a lot of patience, kindness, the right boundaries, lots of love and cuddles every story can have its success.


This candle has a cotton wick and its beautiful light scent is specifically aimed to eliminate odours of our lovely pets, with notes of bergamot, orange blossom, rose, violet and base notes of amber, soft woods & musk.


Given the 270g of wax in these candles you can expect 45+ hours of burn time. Remember to trim the wick to 5mm between lighting and only have lit for 4hrs at a time for optimum performance of the candle. This candle scent is specifically for odours, however, like us humans we cannot assume that every animal will be ok with a scented candle, so please monitor your pet when the candle is lit to ensure no adverse affects for them, thanks.

Luna - Charity Candle

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