This beautiful candle helps raise funds for the Little Silver Hedgehog Rescue, where we will donate 50% of the profit from each candle to the Rescue.


Its a small rescue in Northeast England, run by Emma who makes handmade ethical jewellery to sell which helps towards the costs of running her hedgehog hospital and raise awareness of how to save declining numbers of wild hedgehogs. More information can be found at


Octavia and Bunker are 2 hedgehogs that were rescued at different times, but both were in an extremely bad way, touch and go whether they would survive. They were gently and relentlessly monitored and treated back to good enough health to be released back to the wild. We want to ensure Emma can keep up this amazing work and help others to learn how to look out for these beautiful spiky creatures.


We have a wooden crackle wick in this candle with subtle scent notes of bergamot, wild flowers, blackcurrant, balsam, pine, oakmoss and fire needles - perfect to bring about an ambience where you can imagine all the hoglets making their way around the forests into gardens finding their supper.


Given the 270g of wax in these candles you can expect 45+ hours of burn time. Remember to trim the wick to 5mm between lighting and only have lit for 4hrs at a time for optimum performance of the candle.


Octavia & Bunker - Charity Candle - wild flowers