We have a range of  beautiful products within our shop.

Beautifully scented 'awake' candles, that are cruelty free, vegan and hand poured to compliment our beliefs around health and well being

Our Hemp Oils are made using Soxhlet extractors that are adapted to carry out a unique holistic method of production, using vacuum pressure to circulate organic 96% ethyl alcohol through the plant material. With vacuum pressure, to preserve the important components of the plant.

Our Hemp Balms use a broad spectrum extract - thus allowing full concentration of relevant Cannabinoids to provide a strong, effective product. 

Our small selection of Crystals are responsibly sourced and are specially selected for their attributes to aid healing and cleansing.

A selection of handmade Jewellery with either resin or gemstone pendants, that are all nickel and allergy free.

A range of Herbal Organic Tinctures, Vegan friendly made using the spagyric process containing all 3 philosophical principles of the plant for the Soul, Mind and Body.

Plus a Gift Idea page in case you just cant decide which products to buy or if you have that special someone who deserves a treat!


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