Spagyric CBD Oils

These CBD Oils go through a unique spagyric (alchemic) process, creating a more potent product when entering the body and circulation.

A quality oil that has been extracted using traditional alchemic methods, using the finest quality hand cut hemp, and is processed in a unique Soxhlet extractor. Using alcohol, this extraction method ensures that a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are maintained in the original ratios of the plant, working in perfect harmony for the best results. Nothing is added or taken away, simply purified in a range of truly full-spectrum products.

The Spagyric products go a step further where the left-over plant is burnt in a process called calcination, breaking the carbon bonds and releasing the mineral salts from the body of the plant which is then reintroduced into the raw hemp extract. All extracts are 100% natural and crafted from Cannabis Sativa L.


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